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Ruth Larkin

Sports Therapist


60 mins $1300

90 mins $1850


dip. Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy, NLSSM

Cert. Myofascial release, London School of Sports Massage

Cert. Medical Acupuncture, Osteon London

Cert. Spinal Manipulation (HVT), Osteon London

Cert. Baby Massage & Baby Yoga, Hands on Babies, London

L3 & 4 Classical Pilates, Body Control London

Cert. Reformer Pilates, Ten Pilates, London

Cert. Cupping & Moxibustion

K-Tape training, Sporttape UK


Ruth arrived in Hong Kong in May 2022 leaving behind a very successful practice in London. She was introduced to the benefits of sports massage after suffering a minor back injury during her ballet training at one of the top UK schools, and found how effectively it helped recovery. After working in the entertainment industry for 10 years she qualified in bodywork in 2007, graduating with credit in her diploma. She is equally used to working with day-to-day stesses as well as more complex injuries and celebrity clients. Ruth takes an evidence-based approach and is highly experienced in remedial massage & rehab having worked with the English National Ballet for some years. As ballet is her passion, she offers 10% discount to professional dancers. Her technique enables her to deal with any issues within the context of a full body massage leaving you fully restored.


Ruth also qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2013. She has helped countless people get fitter and stronger as well as dealing with post-surgical rehabilitation and long-term joint issues or injuries. Her philosophy is to give people back control over their bodies, remove any fears around exercise and dispel the mysteries around back pain! During the lockdown of 2020, Ruth turned her hand to teaching online and was asked to join the international team of teachers though the Ekhart Yoga platform with her content now available in over 120 countries.

Pregnancy work:

Ruth’s initial massage course was so in-depth that pregnancy techniques were already within her skillset. But living in north London she noticed many “mother and baby” classes either excluded fathers or focused on the babies only, so she set up her Parent Pilates classes to help people rehabilitate and recharge after giving birth & baby massage classes to facilitate bonding and confidence for all the family. These became firm favourites locally and she now regularly lectures on a Postnatal Yoga teacher training course.

Personal injury & AS:

All the physical training became a lifeline in 2018 when, after 9 years of increasing back pain, Ruth was hospitalised with severe, painful symptoms. After weeks of tests she was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a form of inflammatory arthritis, and the journey towards finding the right treatment started. It took 2 months of self-rehab to get back to work and a further 2 years of experimentation to come up with her management strategy. After experiencing such chronic pain, she has a deep understanding of what having a long-term condition means and how pain can affect your life. Having worked with NASS in the UK which supports those with this disease and works to improve patient outcomes, Ruth’s focus is now to help others who may be suffering in any way and bring a positive message that help is available.


Ruth Larkin
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