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Troy Dopson


  • B. Physiotherapy / Exercise Therapy

  • Dip. Massage therapy


Our musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Troy Dopson, has been working in Hong Kong for many years after 5 years experience in his native Australia. Since arriving in Hong Kong he has forged a reputation as a hard working hands-on physiotherapist who knows how to get results from listening to patients' issues and working with them from an originating problematic aspect. While being adept at dealing with local injuries it is the open-minded approach he takes which highlights his therapeutic work. This has become the reason his reputation reaches many of Hong Kong’s leading personal trainers and coaches who confidently refer to him.


Working With You to Achieve Your Goals

After a thorough assessment you can expect an intensive hand-on manual treatment to occupy most of the session followed by, assisted stretching and exercises for your homework. Postural correction and taping may also be involved. 


While Troy relishes treating acute pains, strains and sprains he really loves to help people continually improve their musculoskeletal systems and witness the flow of improvements unravel other bodily systems that involves all aspects of his patients life. “Its an on-going process” This process is highlighted when people are simultaneously training their bodies and actively engaged on their sport, yoga, Pilates and other strenuous activities. 


General Maintenance 

Troy’s treatments may also be taken as “general maintenance”. 


Physiotherapists tend to share the term “patients”, indeed you may feel your initial reason for visiting Troy may qualify you as a “patient” however with his goal in mind Troy would much prefer to think your body deserves regular “check-up” visits and therefore prefer not to label our customers in such a ill light. 


These days we all know the body is generally under so much stress and pressure especially in such a fast-paced city such as Hong Kong. You work hard and play hard and so don’t you think your body requires regular pit stops to maintain mobility and function, whether you feel pain or not?


Feedback for Troy has been described as a uniquely developed treatment, specifically for the clients needs - “A strong manual therapist who talks to me like I’m a human being and not as a patient right off”.


In his spare time he enjoys his family life, playing touch rugby and escaping to the gym whenever possible!

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