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I had a sacroiliac join pain since my first pregnancy three years ago, and I never had the time to treat it properly. It got worse towards the beginning of my second pregnancy. It was especially sensitive when lying in bed. I tried chiropractic and classic physiotherapy, using ultra-sounds, heat packs, but the scope of their actions is limited by the pregnancy, and none proved to be successful. I was introduced to Dr Tobias Lee when I was 4 months pregnant and deeply in pain. He know immediately how to treat the pain without affecting the pregnancy. The back pain has not improved overall, but the treatment gave me some relief for a couple of days after each session so that the pain was manageable throughout the pregnancy. The treatment consisted in massage on the affected ares, and some stretching, which particularly helped to relieve the pain. I would recommend Tobias Lee to anyone in the same situation as me, and especially to the ladies suffering of sacroiliac pain during their pregnancy.

Sandrine Houriez

December 2008

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