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Ergonomic Management

Good posture not only gives you confidence while meeting people, it is also essential in maintaining a healthy body. The relationship is extremely close between good body posture and good body health.

Correcting Your Posture


This could be from poor standing - for example, at a your new standing desk and before not too long you start to lean more onto one leg and the opposite side starts over compensating, or, sitting incorrectly at the office for long periods and having no spinal support due the point you’ve been supporting your lumbar spine (lower back) with a cushion for many years - removing the support and there is no support! Poor walking posture may put additional force on a particular joint, causing a chain reaction through the ankle, knee and to the hip. Orthotics may be the answer along with some guidance on your walking or running gait. At Integrated Body Therapies we can advise on these daily matters that require life changing corrections. In poor posture awareness the force on a joint can be several times greater than your body weight, and in a long run may cause inflammation, wear and tear to the joint tissue damage and possibly over time lead to degeneration.  


Setting Up Your Healthy Body

Ideal posture is possible but what exactly is “perfect posture”? At Integrated Body Therapies, we believe that there isn’t actually a perfect posture but more of a posture that suits the individual’s personal lifestyle and workplace to be able to use the their body pain free, both now and in the future. Of course we don’t and can’t predict the future of our bodies, but learning along the way with experienced therapists these days can be highly beneficial to set you up for a healthier body long term. Our treatments include a progressive strengthening program and a soft tissue therapy treatment in releasing the tightness to loosen up the muscles. 


By correcting your posture, pain will slowly be eliminated, muscle will be strengthened and made daily tasks easier, for example simple things like carrying a backpack, putting on your shoes, hitting that golf ball.


An ideal posture can also help your body to preserve a sufficient blood flow or circulation, which may help in cleaning the waste and bringing new nutrients to repair consumed and fatigued soft tissues.



You may see Troy, Tobias or Kipper for Ergonomic Management 

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