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For us at Integrated body Therapies rehabilitation is the process of driving recovery after injury to a level of performance and function to the pre-injury level and beyond. Rehabilitation involves a graduated exercise program and tissue work interspersed with it in order to catapult progress. It is this tissue work that sets Integrated Body Therapies apart.

The Effects of Exercise

The exercise places a necessary stress on the tissues to which they respond. The tissue work then supercharges this response by decreasing tension and increasing blood flow without the wear and tear. This creates synergy between exercise and tissue work and the achievement of optimal results.

Improving Your Mobility


Under normal circumstances people get stiffer and hence lose mobility as they get older. Sedentary work, stress and old inadequately treated injuries all contribute to this. Because this process is generally asymmetrical, these also create imbalances. People's attempts to reverse this, such as engaging in stretching and yoga, often seem inefficient. For example many people who are stiff and have sedentary jobs report some repeated loosening from yoga and stretching but not cumulative loosening over time. Typically the missing ingredient here is direct work on the tissues. While this work should target the sensitive and painful areas it should also target hard, concrete-like insensitive tissue in order to facilitate long term cumulative loosening over time. Ultimately the key is in the synergy between exercise, tissue work and stretching and/or yoga. The tissue work is the essential and undervalued link that we at Integrated Body Therapies excel at.



You may see Troy or Kipper for Rehabilitation 

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