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Sports Massage Therapy

A sports massage therapist should hold a Diploma of Sports Massage Therapy. Sports massage has been around for less than 20 years. It became the upgraded version of remedial massage in the late 1990’s - “a therapeutic treatment for the athletics  industry” and how relevant and well timed it was.

Raising the Bar

The health and fitness boom exploded and shows no signs of slowing down with gyms and studios opening up on every street.  As the health conscious become more educated about their anatomy and physiology they appreciate what it takes to keep their muscles, soft tissues, joints and bones all working to full expectancy and of course injury free. However, raising the bar of performance causes added strain on the body and sometimes does result in an injury or general fatigue. 



The common gym injuries can be treated by an experienced sports massage therapist who will know and use special techniques to the complaint. This will include mostly massage, trigger point therapy and also stretching when possible. The therapist will also be qualified to set homework. 


Injury preventative measures will be discussed with information regarding the frequency of visits that are required to keep circulation to the joints and soft tissues. At Integrated Body Therapies we see more clients for sports related conditions than for any other complaints. Integrated Body Therapies is here to help you stay healthy and injury free whilst you continue doing your sports and fitness programs. 



You may see Tobias, Kipper, Jeffery, Ruth L. or Troy for Sports Massage Therapy 

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