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Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapist will apply whatever methods of manual therapy practice they are qualified to provide, aiming to restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and health as well as dealing with any injury pr pain you may have. This could involve deep tissue work, dry needling, manual manipulations and stretching techniques.

Addressing Your Concerns


At Integrated Body Therapies, Physical Therapy is a treatment that addresses the individual concerns of the client. An in-depth history is taken to understand any problems and the treatment will consist of a combination of manual therapy tailored to your needs. Because treatment is just part of the picture to maintaining your health and mobility, there will be "homework" in most cases so you fully understand how to take ownership of your needs. Thee is no need to worry about pain, we are here to help you understand and resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

We also recommend regular maintenace tretments to help support your activities and remain confident in your body and injury-free! We are happy to confur with your Personal Trainer or Doctor should ou with us to share notes.


You may see Troy, Tobias, Jeff C, Jeff L or Kipper for Physical Therapy 

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