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Trigger Point Therapy

As more people become aware of this old but newly marketed therapy, more athletes, gym goers and office over-timers realise just how many local points of pain linger within the soft tissues. This can be from many variations, from poor posture, over use, incorrect use or even under use of the soft tissues.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) works on the release of a specific point of pain usually located close by to the aching or muscle or superficial fascia. The therapy usually takes only a few seconds to release the painful TP. The points can be the size of a nail head to as small as a pin head. An experienced therapist who can “feel pain” in a person will be able to manipulate the trigger points very quickly - thus leaving the soft tissues relaxed and the the joint or limb feeling lighter. This quick therapy is excellent for recovery and also for allowing more range of movement (ROM) almost instantaneously. 


Poor posture from what we are calling “text neck” or “nerd neck” is causing many issues in the neck muscles and upper shoulders and back. Releasing trigger points in these areas can restore a better range of movement in neck rotation and flexion - without feeling the end pain which commonly effects the tendons. Hip flexors and hip extensors also hold acute trigger points, causes are usually from a poor sitting posture, “slumping” or from tighter neighbouring muscles. Trigger point releases for the hips allows the core to feel open and more mobile. Trigger points may also be dormant or less active, these too can be released when an experienced therapist knows how to locate them. At Integrated Body Therapies we offer highly trained trigger point release therapy. 


You may see Tobias or Jeff L for Trigger Point Therapy

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