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Tobias Lee

Physical Therapist
Trigger Point Therapist


60 mins $1600

90 mins $2400


Royal Navy

Tobias started in the medical field at 18 years old when he was a medic in The Royal Navy, mostly serving with over-sea deployments and assisting the ship’s surgeon in third world countries. With the disturbing and graphic medical conditions finally taking its toll and after 5 years of what was a life changing experience, Tobias decided to pursue an alternative career in natural medicine.


Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Already having a former hands-on background of understanding anatomy and physiology, Tobias engaged in natural medicine. This took him to Sydney, Australia, where in 2000 he studied Integrated Body Therapies with a 3-year intensive Diploma program at The Australasian College of Natural Therapies.


Australian Football (AFL)

Tobias returned to work as a sports injury massage therapist for The Australian Football League, (AFL), The Sydney Swans, 2000 - 2005. Working alongside the club’s sport physiotherapist, Tobias learned how to apply techniques on the muscular skeletal system that promoted the healing of the tissues at an elevated rate to enable players to continue week to week with such a high intensity, endurance sport. Tobias describes this work as his most intense work with great educational rewards and being so fortunate to work on professional and positive athletes. 



Tobias became a lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Therapies teaching Sports Massage 2004 - 2006 to classes of 25 to 30 students, local students and over-sea expatriates. Described as a period which kept HIM on HIS toes with Anatomy and biomechanics. 


Hong Kong

Tobias landed in Hong Kong in 2007. He is one of Hong Kong’s most sought after massage therapists.

When I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 the “office syndrome epidemic” was already growing at a huge pace. The average office bod easily clocking-up daily 10-hour shifts. 

Considering HK was supposed be the hub of Asia & the City of expats, I surprisingly noticed a lack of western style therapy. There was clearly only a handful of physiotherapy clinics and practically no-one offering sports-injury massages or any kind of postural education both for the office or for endurance sports. 

Then the big boom, the global gym tsunami. Within 5 years Hong Kong almost over night became addicted to the global health industry. It’s only a few years ago that only the rich and famous showed off by having a personal trainer; nowadays if you don’t have one, well, really? 

With the spread and speed of gyms opening on every street, alleyway or high rise, it wasn’t long before I was treating anything from repetitive strains to over use and fatigue.

 Nowadays, thankfully from experienced therapists both office ergonomics and gym eduction are widely available, bearing in mind many learned the hard way and at high expense.



Tobias Lee
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